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Deaf - Mute School

Madha Higher Secondary School For Deaf - Mute



         Our school has a Well-Equipped Library facility. It is filled with a wide Variety of Books, Magazines, and other informative Materials, providing Students with an excellent Opportunity to access High-Quality and reliable resources. The library has adequate space and can accommodate up to 50 Students at once. It houses over 1,000 books that are categorized under various genres and titles. Those…

  • Academic-Text Books Titles
  • Journals
  • News Papers
  • Magazine
  • Novels
  • Drawing


We have a Playground where Our Students are encouraged to participate in Indoor and Outdoor Games. We motivate Our Students to participate in District, State, and Interschool-level competitions. Our Playground provides Ample Opportunities for students to participate in various Games, and we believe that active participation in games helps students’ Overall  Development.


    We advised the Students to reside in the Hostel as it is well-built and has all the necessary facilities like RO-Purified Water Supply, Round-the-Clock Electricity, and Water Supply. The hostel also ensures effective Environmental Sanitation Maintenance. 


We operate a Special Bus for Transportation to Other Institutions, Official Purposes, Sports and Games, Functions, and daily pick up and drop off to and from school. 


Every year, All Students receive Two sets of Uniforms, a Sports Dress, a School Bag, Books, and Study Materials Free of Cost.


Our School is fully equipped with computer lab facilities. Our qualified Staff provides Computer Knowledge, Skill Training, and Typewriting Training to our Students.


The Advanced Group Hearing System allows Hearing Impaired students to study alongside their peers who have normal hearing. The system includes a specialized Teacher’s Microphone Amplifier unit and 8 to 12 headphone and Microphone Amplifier units for students. Additionally, individual hearing aids are provided to students based on their Hearing Impairment.


Regular Health Check-ups are conducted by qualified and Experienced Doctors and individual health records are maintained for all Students.  


The School Provides…

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) safe drinking water supply
  • CCTV surveillance of entire premises
  • Round-the-clock security services