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Deaf - Mute School

Madha Higher Secondary School For Deaf - Mute


        The Correspondent visits the School periodically to guide the Children. The students are trained to develop their Self-Confidence despite any Handicaps. Along with academic education, teachers instil good values by teaching them Games, Tailoring, and Drawing.

Extracurricular activities:

Tailoring and Drawing Classes:

  Our Qualified Teachers provide Vocational Classes to Our Students. We offer Free Tailoring and Drawing Classes and Handicraft Workshops such as Wall Hangings, Baskets, Mats, Flower vases, etc.,.


     A Trained Therapist offers Yoga Classes in our School to help Students reduce Physical and Mental Strain and Stress, leading to a relaxed and hopeful State of Mind.

Motivational and Moral Classes:

       In addition to that, We conduct weekly Motivational and Moral Classes with experts to encourage Extracurricular Activities among Students.

Other Activities:


     Every morning, the Students attend a regular mass which provides moral and psychological support.


    Our Qualified and Experienced Teachers works carefully to guide and counsel students. They identify distractions and changes in students immediately, offering counselling services to help streamline their focus.

Medical camp:

       Regularly, We arrange a medical camp for all students and provide supportive devices per their requirements.

Higher Education:  

The Management selects eligible candidates for Higher Education, Medical Treatment, and Business Opportunity with the guidance of the Board of Members. After scrutinising the application forms, they support former Students for the above.