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Madha Group

Madha Group Of Educational Institutions

Founder's Message

      Being a plain Roman Catholic Priest, after rigorous and religious and inter-religious studies and training in Rome, God has blessed me spiritually a responsible position. All the God-gifted Institutions under Madha Group are my foster children. I zealously guard and sponsor them.Thanks to the Mighty Lord who has been empowering me. My chief duty and responsibility now a days is to pray to the amazing Almighty and to read books on Catholicism. My institutions are primarily propagating Christian value i.e., human values.

     All the students are apples of my eyes. I am undertaking fasting-praying for my institutions. They are surely growing from perfection to perfection.

        May God Bless everybody.

As Paul, “I will boast only about the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ”. – Galations 6:14