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Deaf - Mute School

Madha High School For Deaf And Mute




        The School has well formed library available. 50 students can use at a time more than 1000 books are available in the following heads.

  • Novels
  • Drawing
  • Academic-Text Books Titles
  • Magazine
  • News Papers
  • Journal



Free Boarding and Lodging

 Free Boarding & Lodging

      Besides Education, food, accommodation and medical facilities are provided free.  We supply free text-books, note books and study materials. We see to that they utilize the opportunities to the maximum.





Tailoring Classes

 Tailoring & Drawing Classes

     Free Tailoring & Drawing classes with qualified staffs are conducted.






Playing Skipping


       Skipping, Ring ball, Chess, Carom, Short put, Long jump, Kho-Kho, Running and Kabaddi are the  games played by students.







       Yoga classes are conducted to reduce their strain.